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Maybe you have Xbox or PSR4 Pro, or a 4k TV and you are ready to fire up the righteous, and high-resolution content. 4k content is glorious which offers four times the number of pixels as 1080p, and if you have made the plunge then you are going to reap the rewards, but the facts are it is so hard to know place to stream 4k content. From so many years there has been a massive influx of 4k which is also called as difference between ultra hd and 4k which are now continually getting cheaper. However, having the 4k TV is just half of the equation if you want to enjoy the real experience of 4K. So, here are some of the tools and application where you can stream 4k content easily:



Streaming and Netflix are more synonymous nowadays. With the continually changing and updating the wide selection of movies, television, and the original content there is a mind-boggling amount of material at your fingertips.

Moreover, the amount of 4k content is so right. The central part of 4k on Netflix is the original company programming. All the shows after the year 2014 have been shot in 4k, which includes stranger things and orange is the new black. Netflix is the only brand which has also broadcast TV favorites like Blacklist, documentaries and Breaking Bad, movies and comedy specials. To enjoy the 4k content, you need to subscribe to their premium tier if $13.99 for a month. This also gets you a four-screen simultaneous viewing.

Amazon Prime Video

It is only a matter of time before everything when on the planet is owned and distributed by only one company Amazon. However, when there is a comparison between Netflix, the breadth of the content which is included with a subscription is limited. At the time of publishing, there were only 50 studio movies such as Ex Machina and Spectre, and some of the beautiful video of scenic vistas and some of the shots from space. Amazon prime is available for a $10.99 month or if billed annually then $99 and also comes with benefits such as free shipping on all the Amazon Orders. There is also an option for the only Prime video for $8.99/month. There are lot more amount of movies and handful of broadcast shows which you can rent or buy and that are not included in a prime membership. There is also a plan for $5.99 or $19.99.


Hulu started its 4K content from 2016 with lots of amazing benefits and offerings, but its selection is still only limited. Some of the shows like Bond films, and Handmaid tale is still available, but we are still waiting for significant growth in its 4k library. It monthly subscriptions cost id $11.99.


YouTube currently offers about 70 movies in 4k resolution. There is a vast potential for 4k content on youtube since its an open source and anyone can upload what they have filmed. The main problem with it is that as its open source and anyone can upload what he or she wants, so quality could be more difficult to come. However, the basic youtube is free as the revenue is generated with the help of ads that play before videos. The subscription pack for youtube red is $9.99 which includes all the free music streaming and also allow access to a bunch of original programming. It has a selection of over 70 movies which provides for blockbusters like Wonder Woman. Youtube rent is not that much necessary to rent or purchase the film.

Google Play

If either your streaming box or the TV supports the Google Play app, then there are more than 90 movies available for purchase or rent, depending on the title. The cost for rentals are $4.99, and shopping can even go up to $29.99.


iTunes released its 4k content last year in September when Apple started to add its 4K content to iTunes. However, just like the other movie purchases services, the content of 4k version of a movie costs just like the same as that of the HD version to get more people to upgrade. Moreover, now the user also get the UHD version for free. There are no options to download.